Madsen is new WA champ

KERRY Madsen started his tenure with Krikke Motorsport in the best possible fashion on Saturday night by winning the WA Sprintcar Championship at the Perth Motorplex.

The ‘Mad Man’ only jetted into WA from the United States the day before the race meeting and while he was with a new team - and in a new car - he picked up the pace immediately and showed he was going to be the one to beat when it came to the feature race.

He won the 30-lap feature race from Jason Kendrick and Brad Maiolo, with the margin at the end of the non-stop race being a commanding 10.8 seconds.

This was Madsen’s second WA title win - the first being back in the summer of 2010-11.

He started the night with a third in qualifying and then took a second and a third in the heat races - gaining enough points to qualify for the Gold Shootout that he won from Kendrick, Chace Karpenko and Brad Maiolo.

Kendrick got the jump on Madsen at the start and led for the first five laps until the current Australian champion hit the front and was never challenged - a good preparation for a big summer ahead with the Krikke team.

While he had the early lead Kendrick struggled mid race, dropping to third on lap 12 and then fourth on lap 25 before some late-race moves saw him regain two spots and take second.

Brad Maiolo came out of P4 and traded places with third-placed Karpenko early on before settling into fourth until a handful of laps remaining, making a late-race surge to the podium.

This was on the back of his dominating win at Bunbury a week earlier.

Karpenko, who got as high as second on lap 12, held on for fourth.

Kaiden Manders was one of the big movers in the race, starting from P10 and in the opening couple of laps got himself up to sixth and then by mid-race distance up to fifth.

Jamie Maiolo started from P6 but got up to fifth early on before dropping as low as seventh with a few lap remaining, but pushed his way back to sixth by the end of the bout.

Mitchell Wormall started from P9 and got as high as sixth with a couple of laps remaining before claiming seventh.

Kye Scroop dug deep after starting from P14 and making up a lot of ground in the first 10 laps before reaching eighth, a position he held for the remaining 20 laps.

AJ Nash took ninth after starting from P13, with Jason Pryde finishing 10th after starting from P8, Taylor Milling 11th (from P12), Jamie Oldfield 12th (from P7) and Tom Payet 13th (from P15).

Andrew Priolo, who started from P5, only lasted four laps before heading infield while Ben Ellement started from P11 and only went one lap in before he was out of the contest.

Kendrick set the Victory 1 Performance Quick Time award at the start of the show with a 13.377-second lap that was just ahead of Jason Pryde’s 13.382 - the only two drivers into the 13-second zone.

James Inglis failed to take a lap with major motor issues in qualifying seeing the team packing up early.

Kendrick then took the first heat race from Madsen and Karpenko with the second heat going to Pryde from Jamie Maiolo and Oldfield.

James McFadden crashed out of this heat race after contact with Wormall in pits bend, damaging the car enough for Monte Motorsport to pack up the 17 and leave the venue early and Wormall was sent ROF by stewards.

Ryan Lancaster was out of the next heat race after contact with Tom Payet saw him hit the fence hard and then get collected by Scroop.

The Dingo De Motorsport W20 was badly damaged and a ginger Lancaster walked to the ambulance for a check-up, taking no further part in the racing.

Brad Maiolo went on to win the third heat from Jamie Oldfield and Jamie Maiolo with the final heat race going to Priolo from Ellement and Madsen.

Jamie Maiolo still leads the series on 1016 points from brother Brad on 994, Pryde 928, Mitchell Wormall 846 and Kendrick on 844.

Teams will now have a break until round six of the Maddington Toyota Sprintcar Series is held at the Perth Motorplex on Boxing Day - the first night of the USA v WA Sprintcar Speedweek that will feature Americans Harli White, Mark Dobmeier and Parker Price-Miller.


Qualifying: Jason Kendrick 13.377, Jason Pryde 13.382, Kerry Madsen 14.409, Jamie Maiolo 14.440, Kaiden Manders 14.530, Mitchell Wormall 14.566, Chace Karpenko 14.658, James McFadden 14.712, Brad Maiolo 14.722, AJ Nash 14.736, Taylor Milling 14.764, Jamie Oldfield 14.797, Kye Scroop 14.880, Andrew Priolo 15.078, Ben Ellement 15.122, Ryan Lancaster 15.174, Tom Payet 15.297, James Inglis NTT.

Heat 1: 1st Jason Kendrick, 2nd Kerry Madsen, 3rd Chace Karpenko, 4th Brad Maiolo, 5th Ben Ellement, 6th Kaiden Manders, 7th Taylor Milling, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th Tom Payet.

Heat 2: 1st Jason Pryde, 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 3rd Jamie Oldfield, 4th Andrew Priolo, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Ryan Lancaster, 7th AJ Nash. DNF: James McFadden. DNS: James Inglis.

Heat 3: 1st Brad Maiolo, 2nd Jamie Oldfield, 3rd Jamie Maiolo, 4th Jason Kendrick, 5th Kaiden Manders, 6th Tom Payet, 7th Kye Scroop. DNF: Ryan Lancaster. DNS: James McFadden.

Heat 4: 1st Andrew Priolo, 2nd Ben Ellement, 3rd Kerry Madsen, 4th Taylor Milling, 5th Mitchell Wormall, 6th Chace Karpenko, 7th AJ Nash, 8th Jason Pryde. DNS: James Inglis.

Feature: 1st Kerry Madsen, 2nd Jason Kendrick, 3rd Brad Maiolo, 4th Chace Karpenko, 5th Kaiden Manders, 6th Jamie Maiolo, 7th Mitchell Wormall, 8th Kye Scroop, 9th AJ Nash, 10th Jason Pryde, 11th Taylor Milling, 12th Jamie Oldfield, 13th Tom Payet. DNF: Andrew Priolo, Ben Ellement. DNS: James McFadden, Ryan Lancaster and James Inglis.

Maddington Toyota Sprintcar Series points: Jamie Maiolo 1016, Brad Maiolo 994, Jason Pryde 928, Mitchell Wormall 846, Jason Kendrick 844, Tom Payet 772, Kaiden Manders 738, Chace Karpenko 700, Kye Scroop 686, Shaun Bradford 684, James Inglis 622, Andrew Priolo 554, Ryan Lancaster 474, Jamie Oldfield 402, Daniel Harding 324, Taylor Milling 302, AJ Nash 282, Ben Van Ryt 280, Ben Butcher 280, Jamie Landrigan 272, Darren Mewett 268, Kerry Madsen 150.
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